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Mayor's Parlour

In March the school council were lucky enough to visit the Mayor’s Parlour. Here is a summary of what they thought of the visit.

Riley said “Firstly we went outside of school and we got in a minibus to go to the Mayor’s parlour to see him.”

Joshua L said “The Mayor has a chain around his neck.”

Carly said “When we walked into the Mayor’s Parlour, before we did anything, we had to sign the important guest book.”

Sophie said “In the council chamber, there are many seats, there are nine main seats in the front of the room. There is public seating on the top.”

Alexander R said “The Mayor, Peter Connor, let us have a drink and a muffin.”

They all had an amazing time at the Mayor’s office and represented the school well and with confidence.

Thankyou School Council!

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